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Hit it out of the park!

Reminiscence, lost dreams, childhood tribulations and a fierce determination to hold onto hope for the future drive the relatable narrative of Kovox Pitch, a rhythm game about sports in the city streets. Presented in a blend of 2.5D graphics and hand-drawn sprites, Kovox Pitch places you in the role of a young man training himself as the baseball smash hitter he’s long aspired to be, with rhythm gameplay inspired by genre classics while loading the bases with original ideas!

Step into a post-punk cityscape and go to bat in a variety of urban locations, from amusements parks and warehouse yards to alleyways and overpasses. With baseball launchers set up on the back of mopeds, pitches come at you with the beat of the music, and it’s your job to read their colors and movements to strike with precise timing. In addition to single hits, quick combos, holds and more, you’ll also need to swap between 2 lines with a depth of field effect. Improve your skills, chase perfection and how the story unfolds in tandem with the action!

Kovox Pitch

Available as
  • digital
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Nintendo eShop    (Japan, Switch)
  • Strike baseballs with precision across music-based stages!
  • Watch a relatable story unfold as you progress.
  • Switch between 2 lines of pitches with a depth uncommon to the rhythm genre!
  • Enjoy a post-punk setting in a mix of 2D and 3D visuals.
  • Use Free Play mode to revisit songs from the story and improve your skills!
Fact Sheet
08 June 2023
Action, Adventure, Rhythm
English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese
Red Black Spade, Calvares
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