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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S
Board game mayhem comes to life!

The long-running Richman series arrives with its most advanced and addictive entry yet, Richman 11! In this high-stakes 3D board game of investments and property control, players can choose from a wide variety of fancy and energetic characters to represent them, set the number of players and enter a hilariously immersive game world all about getting rich and staying on top!

From classic maps paying homage to the series’ 1989 origins to brawl boards with missiles and bombs, there are many ways to keep the multiplayer mayhem fresh and exciting no matter how many times you play, solo or against friends and family! Roll dice to move across the board, draw cards, buy empty land, build houses or chain stores, level up buildings to collect higher rent, make deposits when passing banks and punish the competition on your path to financial victory!

Richman 11

Available as
  • digital
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Microsoft Store    (Worldwide, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S)
Microsoft Store    (Worldwide, PC)
PlayStation Store    (Worldwide, PS4 & PS5)
  • Choose from 16 playable characters to represent you on the game board!
  • Enjoy the game with friends and family or play against CPU-controlled opponents.
  • Pass a single controller between players or use multiple controllers.
  • Level up the buildings and property you own to increase rent and profits!
  • Outlast your competition as they go broke to emerge victorious.
  • Land on certain tiles to alter the game board, changing the direction of paths and more!
Fact Sheet
PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
19 April 2024
Board, Casual, Family
English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
eastasiasoft, Softstar Entertainment Inc.
Digital price:
US$18.99 / €18.99
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