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Fight for the future of Japan!

In near future Tokyo, the government has collapsed following the appearance of a mighty tower extending from the mysterious Reverse City in the sky and connecting with the National Diet Building. Monsters threaten the people of Japan, and it’s up to newly inaugurated Prime Minister Natsume Kannuki to lead her Diet Dolls into battle against them!

Tokyo Clanpool is a dungeon RPG where you’ll take your party of heroines deeper and deeper into the tower to counter the monster threat and learn the truth of its origin. Equip Digiskins to customize characters’ skills and abilities while navigating mazelike corridors in first-person perspective. Turn-based combat is fast and strategic, and with your team’s ether-based powers, you can even float or dig tunnels to alter the structure of dungeons.

But you’ll also have to keep an eye on your citizens’ approval ratings. If your actions are favorable, you can earn valuable bonuses, but if it falls too low, your entire cabinet could resign! Is your administration up to the task?

Tokyo Clanpool

Available as
  • digital
  • physical
  • Experience a dynamic dungeon RPG set in near-future Tokyo!
  • Act as the young Prime Minister of Japan and her moe cabinet members.
  • Earn the approval of the citizenry for valuable bonuses or lose support for your mission!
  • Navigate mazelike dungeons in first-person perspective and engage in turn-based combat.
  • Use special attacks like Sacred Union to gain the upper hand against powerful monsters!
  • Alter the structure of dungeons by breaking walls, floating or digging tunnels.
  • Customize class abilities and skills with the use of different Digiskins!
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