Product Information

Systems: PS4, PS Vita
Release: PS4/Vita: Sep 28, 2018
Genre: Action, Platform
Players: 1
Text: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian
Developer: Ratalaika Games, Rohan Narang

Jack N' Jill DXJack N' Jill DX

Jack N' Jill DX is a cute and charming retro platformer. Control Jack while he runs and jumps to get past obstacles and enemies, and help him find his way to Jill. With a total of 140 levels spanning across 7 different worlds, Jack N' Jill DX provides a lot of fun and challenges. It is the perfect run and jump game for anyone to pick up and play.

As you run and jump to your friend's rescue, you will do so to the sound of a chiptune soundtrack that will transport you back to the golden age of video gaming. But the old school feels, don't end there. With grey-scale monochrome graphics and easy to learn controls, yet addictive gameplay, it will even feel like a game straight up from the days of old, as well. Will you rise to the challenge of reuniting Jack and Jill?

Jack N' Jill DX is developed by Ratalaika Games and Rohan Narang. Published in Asia by Eastasiasoft Limited.


  • Play as either Jack or Jill
  • Easy to learn one button gameplay
  • 140 challenging levels spanning 7 worlds
  • Monochrome pixelart graphics
  • Original retro 8-bit chiptune music
  • DX improvements: Improved graphics, music and more



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