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PS Vita
Xbox One
Run and gun to rescue your friends!

When a friend is captured, it’s up to the rest of the brotherhood to pick up their guns and take down the enemy army! In this pixelated action platformer, you’ll run, jump, shoot and dodge roll your way through the opposition to bring your buddy back. Customize your look with different options for hair, glasses, clothing, helmets and skin tone to look your best while blowing stuff up! Use all the guns and grenades at your disposal, and make sure that no partner gets left behind.

Brotherhood United

Available as
  • digital
  • physical
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PlayStation Store    (Europe, PS5)
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  • Blast your way through 20 levels with 3 sub-quests each!
  • Customize your character with new items.
  • Team up with a friend for local co-op!
  • Face 8 giant bosses that will put your skills to the test.
  • Get in the mood with a catchy soundtrack!
Fact Sheet
PS Vita, PS4, PS5, Xbox One
14 October 2020 (PS4, Xbox One) / 20 July 2021 (PS Vita)
Action, Platform
English, French, Portuguese
eastasiasoft, Myoubouh
Digital price:
US$8.99 / €8.99
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