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Cute & colorful appearances can be deceiving!

Inspired by 16-bit classics, Elliot is a vibrant 2D platformer that hides a fiendish difficulty under its inviting presentation. Much like those games of old, this is a hardcore experience that will demand some determination and skill if you hope to clear its 11 daunting chapters. Run, jump and dash through more than 60 levels, and if you die, just keep coming back for more!

Elliot and his friend Manuel are Mombas, wild and free musical creatures who live peacefully in the natural world. But when an otherwise ordinary day takes a strange turn, that peace is suddenly lost. Now it’s up to Elliot and Manuel to survive the changes to the world around them and search for a way to stop it. They’ll have to journey through mushroom forests, snowfields and spooky caves to reach their goal, all while avoiding weird creatures, thorny spikes and deadly pitfalls.


Available as
  • digital
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Nintendo eShop    (Japan, Switch)
PlayStation Store    (Japan, PS4)
PlayStation Store    (Asia, PS4)
  • Play as 2 loveable characters, Elliot or his friend Manuel.
  • Collect hidden items to discover more of the story surrounding Elliot’s world.
  • Traverse more than 60 intense levels across 11 chapters!
  • Enjoy a playful and soothing soundtrack that helps lighten the mood.
  • Put your platforming skills to the test in Speedrun mode!
Fact Sheet
PS4, Switch
22 April 2021
Action, Platform
English, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
JanduSoft, Plain and Game
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