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PS Vita
Contains 2 Great Action Platformers on 1 Card!

FoxyLand Collection contains 2 full games on 1 Vita Card: FoxyLand and FoxyLand 2. Designed with dual platinum trophy support!

About FoxyLand

Help Foxy Fox on a dangerous journey to rescue his love, Jennie. Without your help, Foxy won’t be able to save her! 

Embark on an adventure to rescue Jennie! Jump and dodge past challenging enemies and traps while collecting gems and cherries across 36 levels.

Dress up Foxy by purchasing additional accessories for him using the cherries you collect on your journey! 

About FoxyLand 2

After a peaceful day looking for cherries, Foxy’s children were kidnapped by the mean Wolfie brothers. Now it’s up to Foxy and Jennie to rescue their children! 

Jump, leap, and wall kick to bypass enemies in order to reach the end of the stage to rescue Foxy’s puppers across the island. Play as both Foxy and Jennie in cooperative multiplayer.

Hidden across each level are 3 FoxyCoins, can you find them all? Also, keep an eye out for secret flags to explore more of the island!

FoxyLand Collection

Available as
  • physical
  • Contains 2 retro-style 2D platformer on 1 Vita Card!
  • Dual platinum trophy support. Each game has individual platinum trophy support!
  • Beautiful pixel-art and chiptune music
  • Retro-inspired jump & run gameplay
Fact Sheet
PS Vita
March 2020
Action, Platform
English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese
Ratalaika Games, BUG-Studio
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