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Conquer Earth as a fearsome demon!

The doors to hell have been opened! The Earth has become a battlefield among 10 infernal armies. Bael, the most feared of all demons, sets out in an insane crusade to conquer the Earth for himself across 10 stages of bullet hell action. Violence and blood surround you. Nightmarish fiends accost you. It’s slay or be slain as the forces of evil fight to determine the fate of mankind!

Hell Pages is a traditional side-scrolling shoot’em up presented through grotesquely gorgeous HD visuals and set to a pumping soundtrack! Fly through ruined cityscapes, dark caverns, frozen wastelands and more as your quest for domination pits you against horrors than only a powerful demon could endure. In between stages, purchase items to aid in your survival, from magic and health to continues and save points. Will you emerge victorious or suffer everlasting torment alongside humanity?

Hell Pages

Available as
  • digital
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Nintendo eShop    (North America, Switch)
Nintendo eShop    (Europe, Switch)
  • Overcome 10 gruesome levels of side-scrolling bullet hell action!
  • Decide the fate of mankind by using evil against evil.
  • Challenge massive demonic bosses in epic screen-filling showdowns!
  • Purchase power-ups using a shop system between stages.
  • Enjoy eye-scorching HD visuals and a pumping soundtrack!
Fact Sheet
15 July 2022
Shoot'em Up
English, Portuguese
Medusa Head, Ratalaika Games
Digital price:
US$8.99 / €8.99
Press kit
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