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Uncover secrets hidden by dust bunnies!

A cutie in a maid uniform prepares to tackle her dirtiest job yet! In this puzzle ball adventure, you’ll control the adorable maid as she rolls around a larger-than-life estate and clears away the dust bunnies plaguing each room. Chase down and eliminate at least 3 dust bunnies and roll to the goal before time is up, and you’ll clear the stage!

Marble Maid offers a hardcore challenge that makes you work hard for its naughty unlockables. Fill a gallery with saucy images as you progress through more than 50 stages across worlds themed for different parts of the mansion, from living rooms and kitchens to bathrooms and darkened halls! Every 10 stages will also lead to an exciting showdown with your nemesis and frenemy, Nega Maid! Are you willing to get a little dirty to clean things up?

Marble Maid

Available as
  • digital
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Nintendo eShop    (North America, Switch)
Nintendo eShop    (Europe, Switch)
  • Master more than 50 stages of puzzle ball adventure!
  • Roll through tricky obstacles to chase down and eliminate dust bunnies.
  • Explore a wide variety of room types, each with new challenges.
  • Unlock naughty images with each world you clear!
  • Confront your rival Nega Maid in exciting boss battles.
  • Discover secret levels by beating the main story!
Fact Sheet
28 April 2022
Action, Platform, Puzzle
eastasiasoft, Shady Corner
Digital price:
US$9.99 / €9.99
Press kit
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