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Escape to a magical world of danger & discovery!

Become the apprentice of a peculiar and charismatic witch in this visual novel adventure set in a world of magic. The protagonist, a boy named Thomas, has endured a difficult childhood, and it only gets worse when his father marries a woman who simply can’t stand her stepson. But then, Thomas’ life takes an unexpected turn with a trip to visit his aunt, whom he hadn’t seen in years.

Relief from his sad and mundane life comes in abundance as his aunt Alice turns out to be a real witch. With her talking cat companion and a home filled with magical things, she might not be the best suited for hosting a young boy. But despite the apparent danger, Thomas soon accepts the challenge of apprenticeship with a newfound desire to learn potion-making and reveal the secrets behind a mysterious magical barrier.

My Aunt is a Witch

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  • Immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere of magical adventure.
  • Witness colorful scenes and beautiful art.
  • Enjoy realistic ambient sound effects and an original soundtrack.
  • Track your progress with quest mechanics.
  • Explore interactive locations!
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PS Vita, PS4
Digital: December 25, 2020 / Vita Retail: January 2021
Adventure, Visual Novel
English, Russian
Sometimes You, Graven Visual Novels
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