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A heartwarming fantasy comes to life...

Once upon a time, a young princess who didn’t want to be queen slipped out of the palace in search of a mysterious amulet that she believed would help her become a sorceress. In a neighboring kingdom, a brave prince soon heard about the princess’ disappearance and set out to find her. He armed himself with cursed weapons and broke through hordes of goblins, ready to face any danger that might lie ahead.

Embark on an epic side-scrolling adventure with the Immortal Prince and Little Princess as they navigate a diverse pixel art world, solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps and find unlikely new friends. Make use of magical weapons and unusual spells to overcome any obstacle, from walking through walls or floating above the ground to breathing underwater and even becoming giants! What could await the prince and princess at the end of this sweet, fantastical journey?

The StoryTale

Available as
  • digital
Download Now
Nintendo eShop    (Japan, Switch)
  • Traverse dozens of unique pixel art levels.
  • Adapt to new challenges alternating between the prince and princess.
  • Enjoy a die-and-repeat challenge without gore or frustration!
  • Discover countless clever secrets and whimsical animations.
  • Complete side quests with unexpected consequences!
Fact Sheet
10 December 2020
Action, Adventure, Metroidvania, Platform
English, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese
Maxim Nuriev, RedBlack Spade
© Maxim Nuriev, RedBlack Spade. Licensed to and published by Eastasiasoft Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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