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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S
Master low-poly run ‘n’ gun action!

In the year 201X, war has already ravaged much of the continent when a rogue AI rebels against its creators and leads an army of robots to conquer the portion of North America known as the Robot Empire. Trained from a young age as an agent of justice, Thunder Kid is sent into battle against the Robot Royalty and stop the empire from taking over the world!

Thunder Kid is a low-poly 3D run ‘n’ gun action game controlled from behind the main character, shifting the perspective of genre classics and adding bullet hell elements while retaining its hallmark features! As Thunder Kid, you’ll have to run, jump and shoot your way across colorful and varied 3D environments, from forests and caves to cliffs and cityscapes. Take down enemy bots and massive enemies in a unique blend of retro style!

Thunder Kid: Hunt for the Robot Emperor

Available as
  • digital
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  • Run, jump and shoot in third-person perspective!
  • Enjoy colorful low-poly 3D presentation.
  • Dodge enemy attacks in a frantic blend of bullet hell action!
  • Traverse a wide variety of environments, from cities to forests.
  • Replay cleared stages at any time to improve your skills!
Fact Sheet
PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
23 March 2022
eastasiasoft, Renegade Sector Games
Digital price:
US$7.99 / €7.99
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