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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S
Slay, dismember and look good doing it!

Take the role of the brutal, pretty and foul-mouthed heroine Valeria as she journeys through a land ravaged by monster hordes! It’s kill or be killed as Valeria uses swords, bombs, magic and more to survive and slay creatures while rescuing maidens and gathering loot. Unlock and upgrade abilities, equip weapons and armor, ride beasts, execute vicious combos and dismember enemies with ultra-violent style!

Valeria the Pagan Priestess is a dark fantasy action platformer with fluid hack-and-slash combat and RPG elements. Explore a vast overworld map, rolling back the fog of war to discover dozens of unique locations, from towns and caravans to carefully crafted side-scrolling stages. Valeria will need to traverse deserts, caverns, acid pools and other hazardous landscapes as she collects powerful weapons and artifacts. This brutal world works both ways, and if Valeria fails or hesitates in dealing death, she could quickly face a gruesome end by monstrous hands!

Valeria the Pagan Priestess

Available as
  • digital
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Steam (wishlist now!)    (Worldwide, PC)
  • Engage in visceral hack-and-slash combat with fluid pixel art animation!
  • Wield swords, magic, bombs and other weaponry in side-scrolling action.
  • Explore an overhead world map and discover dozens of stages, towns and more!
  • Unlock and upgrade a wide variety of powerful skills!
  • Decapitate and dismember enemies or risk having Valeria meet an equally gruesome end.
  • Rescue maidens, ride beasts, gather loot, taunt and dance in seductive hedonistic style!
Fact Sheet
PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Action, Adventure, Metroidvania
English, TBC
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