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Jump, Slash & Explore a Broken World in ‘Grizzland’

Available digitally this week for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4™

Hong Kong - February 24, 2020 –
Independent developer and publisher, Eastasiasoft Limited, today announced that the 1-Bit MetroidVania Grizzland, developed by Ivan Zlobin (aka. Khud0) and ported and published by eastasiasoft will be available this week for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4™.

Grizzland features a true open-world setting focused on exploration, old-school questing without pointers and numerous secret areas to discover. Players will need to build up their skills, use items and unlock new abilities to overcome the enemy dinos that stand in their way. With so much player freedom, Grizzland not only offers a wealth of content but also myriad ways to experience it, all presented in nostalgic retro style.

With a resolution of 128x96 pixels and only 5 colors, Grizzland delivers a true old-school experience!

Grizzland will be available for US$4.99/€4.99 on these dates:

  • February 25th: PS4™ Americas
  • February 26th: PS4™ Europe/Asia, Xbox One worldwide
  • February 28th: Nintendo Switch Americas/Europe

A 20% launch discount will be available on select platforms.

For more information on Grizzland, visit:

About Grizzland

Jump, slash and explore a broken world!

Welcome to the Grizzled Planet, a seamless open world platformer presented in retro style and filled with old-school challenges. Explore without pointers to uncover secret areas. Equip yourself with unique items and skills, even the ability to shrink and enlarge or explode and recombine. Only through self-discovery will you overcome enemy Dinos in epic combat and find the truth of Grizzland.


  • Explore a true open-world setting.
  • Take on old-school quests with no pointers.
  • Discover secret areas.
  • Equip yourself with various skills, items and abilities.
  • Challenge unique opponents in epic battles.

About eastasiasoft

Eastasiasoft Limited is an independent, Hong Kong–based developer and publisher of interactive entertainment specializing in video games and related media. Founded in 2007, eastasiasoft has published a diverse variety of titles in digital and physical format. Eastasiasoft is a licensed PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One publisher. Some of eastasiasoft’s recently licensed and published games are Ghost Blade HD, Rainbow Skies, Sword & Fairy 6, Reverie, Rainbow Moon, and the Söldner-X franchise.

About Khud0

Khud0 (aka. Ivan Zlobin) is a solo indie game developer, based in Poland. In partnership with eastasiasoft, Khud0 is bringing Grizzland to consoles in 2020.

For media queries, contact eastasiasoft public relations at press@eastasiasoft.com or via Twitter at @eastasiasoft.


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PS4, Switch, Xbox One
25 February 2020
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