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Eastasiasoft forms Partnership with Funbox Media Ltd

We are proud to announce that eastasiasoft has recently entered a new partnership with publisher Funbox Media Ltd. The purpose of this partnership is to help more of our indie developers’ projects reach physical release and be made available to retail channels in western territories, games that might have otherwise remained digital-only.

This lineup will be entirely separate from the existing Limited Edition exclusives distributed by our long-time partner Playasia. One will not directly impact the other, as the new partner physicals will be published by Funbox Media, not eastasiasoft. This includes titles that we publish digitally but have not had the opportunity to offer in a physical format, covering future projects and past favorites.

At eastasiasoft, we publish almost 100 games digitally each year across multiple platforms, including porting and localization projects. Our development partners enjoy an immense amount of flexibility in how to achieve goals for their individual projects, but not every game can reach its intended potential by the same means. Some might be better suited to retail physical release, and networking with Funbox Media will serve as a valuable alternative for those titles.

Please note that we have no intention of duplicating releases that have already been offered as Limited Editions, however, and we feel it’s important for our customers to understand the initiative. Instead, you can look forward to totally new physical offerings under the Funbox Media label, while we continue to select games for our Playasia-exclusive Limited Editions as well. This is not a change to the model that our customers have so faithfully supported. It’s growth, a chance at additional preservation for collectors and all gamers worldwide.

Funbox Media is a UK-based team that has developed and published more than 150 titles for every Nintendo and PlayStation platform since its inception, plus numerous Steam titles, Xbox One games and mobile apps. Their passion and experience reflects our own, making them a perfect partner to bring key titles to the western market. We are grateful and excited to be working with their team.

We’ve just revealed that the first game to receive physical release through Funbox Media is Waifu Uncovered! Coming in November 2020, this version will include a “Fully Uncensored” mode unlockable through regular gameplay as well as a set of 8 dual-sided art cards, making this well worth collecting even if you already own it digitally.

Waifu Uncovered Nintendo Switch

Waifu Uncovered
Press kit
Fact Sheet
16 July 2020
Shoot'em Up
English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Digital price:
US$6.99 / €6.99

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