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Saucy Survival Shooter Hentai vs. Evil Gets Dated for Console Release

We're pleased to announce that the highly anticipated console release of naughty third-person shooter Hentai vs. Evil now has an official date, and you won’t have to wait much longer! Hentai vs. Evil arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch later this week on Thursday, May 27th.

Hentai vs. Evil is an action-packed romp through sprawling open-world stages where survival horror is balanced against lighthearted “fanservice” presentation. Players start with a single female character and unlock other girls by taking on rescue missions. Each of these heroines is fully customizable, from their body shape and hairstyle to the clothing and accessories they wear. Multiple play modes and difficulty settings allow players to decide their approach to missions and their degree of challenge, offering ample replay value as they take up arms against demons, orcs and zombie hordes.

The console version of Hentai vs. Evil is ported and published by Eastasiasoft Limited, in partnership with Catness Game Studios. Digital pricing will be set at US$9.99/€9.99, with an additional 20% launch discount available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for a limited time.

Hentai vs. Evil
Press kit
Fact Sheet
PS4, PS5, Switch
27 May 2021
Action, Survival
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
eastasiasoft, Axyos Games
Digital price:
US$9.99 / €9.99

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