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2 cute pop art-style shoot 'em ups in 1 collection!

Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection contains two Japanese shoot 'em ups on one game card.

Like Dreamer

Like Dreamer is a cute pop art-style shoot 'em up game from Japanese developer Outside. In this game centered around a popular danmaku social network, you'll dodge bullet barrages in an array of virtual settings, earning Likes and Followers for your mad gameplay skills.

Do not fret! While shoot 'em ups look tricky, there's really not all that much to it. This game is structured for a wide range of gameplay, from absolute beginner to seasoned expert.

Cosmo Dreamer

A dreamy pop-art shooting game. A young girl sets off on a journey across the universe driven by pure curiosity. Venture on as you face various hurdles, fierce foes, new friends, and difficult goodbyes. Just what sort of dazzling sights will you set your eyes on in this game?

No need to be shy in this shooting game. The game is perfectly balanced so that everyone from absolute beginner to professional sniper can join in the fun. 

Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection

Available as
  • physical
  • Two full games in one collection.
  • Select from multiple danmaku girls, and customize your shots, bombs, and more to your liking.
  • Stage selection system allows you to fully enjoy each stage.
  • Select from three different difficulties depending on your skill level. 
  • Various bonus game modes.
  • Built-in gallery mode and achievement system.
Fact Sheet
December 2023
Action, Shoot'em Up
English, Japanese
Outside, Waku Waku Games
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