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Race across the globe!

Get ready to experience the world of rally racing in its purest and most inspired form. Rush Rally 3 is a dynamic 3D racing game that combines the realism of a sim with the approachable mechanics and intuitive interface of an arcade racer. With a wealth of single-player content including its robust career mode, single race options and even metal-to-metal rally cross, Rush Rally 3 offers a complete spectrum of events to satisfy even the hungriest drivers. If you’re feeling extra competitive, challenge friends to multiplayer races, drive against other players’ ghost cars or climb the online leaderboards!

Enjoy 60 FPS racing at night or day in the rain or snow! Explore more than 72 unique stages, each with different surface types including snow, gravel, tarmac and dirt. Push your skills to the limit with one of the most carefully tuned car dynamics models to date, including real-time vehicle deformation and damage that impacts handling. Built from over 15 years of experience in racing game development, Rush Rally 3 is a celebration of the sport that’s as accessible to newcomers as it is challenging to veterans!

This game and the content contained therein is not authorized by car manufacturers or motor racing competitions and there is no association thereof.

Rush Rally 3

Available as
  • digital
Download Now
Nintendo eShop    (Japan, Switch)
  • Compete in more than 72 stages set in a wide variety of countries and climates!
  • Master different surface types and weather conditions in the day or night.
  • Unlock new cars and edit liveries to build out your own unique garage!
  • Buy and install parts for optimal performance with easy-to-understand tools and menus.
  • Fine-tune your experience with various difficulties, assists and driving lines.
  • Enjoy 60 FPS visuals with crisp HD presentation and precise controls!
Fact Sheet
08 December 2022
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Digital price:
US$14.99 / ¥1800
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