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Ballistics Puzzle Platformer Family Tree Takes Root Exclusively on Nintendo Switch

Ballistics Puzzle Platformer Family Tree Takes Root Exclusively on Nintendo Switch

We are very excited to announce that Family Tree from grizzled veterans (Rogue Aces & Don’t Die Mr Robot DX) Charlie Scott-Skinner and Mike Daw, better known as Infinite State Games will be released worldwide on October 10th exclusively on Nintendo Switch for US$7.99 / €7.99 / £6.99 / ¥800. Pre-orders are open today with a 20% launch discount!

Mrs and Mr Fruits (our heroes) will need to tackle over 128 goofy levels that combine platforming with pinball, and 32 bonus stages in the fight to rescue their babies from an evil sugar skull named Pedro. With 1-4 player endless party mode and a soundtrack featuring dubstep, drum ‘n bass and acid house, this is one trip you don’t want to miss out on. 


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Game features:

  • A brilliantly bonkers pinball-platform puzzler (it’s a real thing!).
  • Over 120 lovingly handcrafted levels to master.
  • Mirror mode for those that want to up the ante. 
  • 32 bonus game levels in case the 128 main levels weren’t enough.
  • 1-4 player endless climb mode.
  • Pick from either Mrs or Mr Fruit to play as on your daring adventure.
  • A ton of unlockables including game modes, multiplayer characters and power-ups.
  • Head-bobbing soundtrack to keep the tempo going.

The full press release can be found here.

Family Tree
Fact Sheet
10 October 2019
Action, Casual, Family, Platform
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Trad. Chinese
Infinite State Games
Digital price:
US$7.99 / €7.99

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