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Want to Join our Growing International Team?

Want to Join our Growing International Team?

We at eastasiasoft are currently searching for a qualified and talented streamer to join our team in an official capacity. With the increasing popularity of streamed video content, we feel that this position will be crucial to our ongoing success and can help us grow the brand while providing valuable content for our loyal customers.

If you enjoy playing a wide variety of games, especially retro-inspired indies and shoot’em ups that are often our specialty, then this could be your chance to join the industry and showcase your own talents in the process. A streamer would necessarily act as the face of our company and should, of course, conduct themselves professionally (but still with plenty of room to have fun).


  • Must be experienced with both Mixer and Twitch platforms.
  • Must be capable of streaming all current consoles.
  • Must maintain a positive attitude.


  • Will show off our latest releases and occasionally older titles.
  • Will need to stream 1-2 times per week on each platform, with flexible timing.
  • Will run giveaways in cooperation with our team and partners.

If you’re interested and feel that you meet these qualifications, please send an inquiry to jobs@eastasiasoft.com along with any helpful content links, references and salary expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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