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One Finger Death Punch 2 Gets Physical for PS4 in North America

One Finger Death Punch 2 Gets Physical for PS4 in North America

We are proud to reveal that our PS4 release of One Finger Death Punch 2 will become the first in a new line of physical releases for North America! Following up on our previous announcement regarding distribution partnership with US-based VGNYsoft, One Finger Death Punch 2 will be available directly from VGNYsoft as well as their affiliated distributors.

Originally developed by Silver Dollar Games and ported/published for PS4 by eastasiasoft, One Finger Death Punch 2 offers a unique experience that has especially resonated with western players, making it a perfect fit for this new lineup of physical releases. This is a sequel packing serious punch, with addictive mechanics that are easy to learn but challenging to master. Control the action with just two buttons, endure waves of enemy attacks and take them down as fast as you can in order to survive!

One Finger Death Punch 2 gets you started with intuitive tutorial stages, laying the foundation for increasingly intense showdowns. Unlock 26 skills and perform attacks with 1000 possible animations, resembling the choreography of a kung fu action film! Boasting unlimited replay value for quick casual sessions and enough content to satisfy even the most obsessive marathons, One Finger Death Punch 2 is the ultimate brawler for any occasion.

Physical editions will be available for pre-order on May 3rd at 10:00am ET at VGNYsoft.com and is expected to ship in the 4th quarter of 2021. Are you ready for a fight?

One Finger Death Punch 2
Fact Sheet
30 September 2020
Action, Beat'em Up, Fighting
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Silver Dollar Games, eastasiasoft
Digital price:
US$8.99 / €8.99

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