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Fall 2022 Showcase premiere covers 13 upcoming indie titles

Fall 2022 Showcase premiere covers 13 upcoming indie titles

Today we premiered a “Fall 2022 Showcase” that covers 13 indie titles scheduled for release in September, October and beyond across Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox X|S and PC platforms. This 10-minute presentation continues the previous showcase format and once again consolidates news on multiple projects for convenient reference in the months ahead.

Highlights of this showcase include the announcement of first-person sci-fi shooter 41 Hours, Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire for consoles, a new ZOO Corporation release titled Pretty Girls Escape, the reveal of side-scrolling cooperative action game Bot Gaiden for multiple platforms and much more.

Wind of ShurikenSept 8thUS$/€7.99SW/PS4/PS5
HatupFall 2022US$/€4.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong SolitaireSept 22ndUS$/€6.99SW/PS4/PS5
Freezer PopsSept 30thUS$/€9.99PS4/PS5
Super Chicken JumperFall 2022TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
Maggie the MagnetSept 2022US$/€4.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
Rule No. 1Fall 2022TBDSW/PS4/PS5
Until the Last PlaneFall 2022TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
Super Woden GPFall 2022TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
41 HoursFall 2022TBDPS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
Pretty Girls EscapeFall 2022TBDSW/PS4/PS5
Finding the Soul OrbFall 2022 TBDPS4/PS5/XB1/XBX
Bot GaidenComing Soon    TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBX

Wind of Shuriken
Fact Sheet
PS4, PS5, Switch
08 September 2022
Action, Metroidvania, Platform
English, Russian
English, Spanish, German, Russian
Gamenergy Studio, Ratalaika Games
Digital price:
US$7.99 / €7.99

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