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Neo-Aztec Shoot’em Up ‘Pawarumi’ Landing on PS4

We are excited to reveal that the critically acclaimed trinity mechanic shoot’em up Pawarumi from French developer Manufacture 43 will land on PlayStation 4 in February 2020. Eastasiasoft will publish Pawarumi for PS4 digitally in Asia and Japan and as physical limited edition. The limited edition will be available for pre-order at online retailer Playasia on December 12, 2019. Only 2000 copies of the limited edition will be available worldwide.


Best described as rock-paper-scissors with lasers, Pawarumi is a vertical shoot'em up set in a 3D futuristic, yet pre-Columbian inspired universe. In the game, players utilize a powerful mechanic called the Trinity. With this the three basic weapons are controlled by colored divinities - Condor (laser) is blue, Serpent (gatling gun) is green and Jaguar (missiles) is red.

Each enemy in the game is powered by the same divinities. If players target them with any color, one of the three bonuses of the Trinity comes into effect - Boost, Drain or Crush - depending on the color combination. Mastering them opens up countless tactical possibilities.

The PS4 edition of Pawarumi runs at super smooth 60fps and features online leaderboards.

Pawarumi PS4 Limited Edition

Full trailer:

Press kit
Fact Sheet
14 February 2020
Action, Shoot'em Up
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (TC/SC), Korean
Manufacture 43

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