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Arcade Shmup ‘Task Force Kampas’ Pulses Its Way onto Consoles

In partnership with the young Spanish indie developer Casiopea, we are pleased to announced that we will bring the arcade-style shoot'em up Task Force Kampas to consoles. Task Force Kampas will be available digitally next week for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A PS Vita version is also in development and will launch at a later time.

Task Force Kampas features a fast-paced story about a team of outcasts in the wrong place during an evil invasion. Now they must contain the breach, save their friends and defend the universe from corruption.

Intense action combines with vibrant pixel art and a pumping techno soundtrack for a complete audio-visual experience. Unique risk-vs-reward mechanics allow you to boost your power by attacking or repair your ship by ceasing fire, while endless challenges and a variety of unlockables keep you coming back for one more run!

Task Force Kampas has been developed by Casiopea. Console versions are ported and published by eastasiasoft.

Task Force Kampas will be available for US$5.99/€5.99 on these dates:

  • May 5th: PS4 Americas
  • May 6th: PS4 Europe, Xbox One worldwide
  • May 7th: Nintendo Switch Americas/Europe, PS4 Asia/Japan
  • May 14h: Nintendo Switch Japan
  • PS Vita version: Release date to be confirmed

A 20% launch discount will be available on select platforms and regions.

Check out the trailer:

Task Force Kampas
Press kit
Fact Sheet
PS Vita, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One
06 May 2020
Action, Shoot'em Up, Top-Down
eastasaisoft, Casiopea Wave
Digital price:
US$5.99 / €5.99

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