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Dark fantasy adventure Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel coming soon for consoles

Arrives on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms February 22nd

Hong Kong – February 1, 2023 – Independent developer and publisher Eastasiasoft Limited today announced that choice-driven graphic adventure Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel will release digitally for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on February 22nd, 2023 in North America and Europe.

Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel is a 2D illustrated graphic adventure with dark fantasy and slice-of-life themes. Players assume the role of teaching assistant Mark Delaware as he is turned into a vampire and forced to make decisions to either embrace this new existence or attempt to reclaim his humanity. This narrative spans a script of over 95,000 words brought to life by more than 30 voice actors, including Joshua Story (Heroes of Newerth, Subverse), Adam Clark (Devil May Cry 3, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness) and Jonah Scott (Beastars). The game also features 30 possible endings, adding significantly to replay value and player-driven discovery.

Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel is originally developed by First Step Cinematics and has been ported for console by Ratalaika Games in partnership with Eastasiasoft Limited. This version will include text support for English, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Simplified Chinese. Digital pricing is set at US$14.99/€14.99. An additional launch discount of 20% will be available for a limited time on select platforms.

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About Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel

If you crossed a vampire, would you protect humanity or embrace the blood? In Twice Reborn, teaching assistant Mark Delaware becomes a newly turned vampire in a community forced to hide in plain sight. His mentor Michelson has trusted Mark to become the Enforcer, a feared arbiter who keeps the quarreling vampiric houses following the Code.

When arson kills key vampires in the community, it is up to Mark to either embrace his vampirism or find a way to regain his humanity. Interacting with humans and vampires is a delicate balance. Not all appreciate Mark's decision and not all relationships can last. Some want him dead, while others want him for their own. Mark's responses in the perilous community changes their reactions as well as the story's outcome.

Key Features:

  • Follow the dark fantasy tale of a teaching assistant turned vampire!
  • Make key decisions and dialogue choices that directly impact story development.
  • Explore a narrative that spans a script of over 95,000 words and 20 possible endings!
  • Meet more than 30 voiced characters.
  • Unlock CG art in the Extra gallery as you progress!

About eastasiasoft

Eastasiasoft Limited is an independent, Hong Kong–based developer and publisher of interactive entertainment specializing in video games and related media. Founded in 2007, eastasiasoft has published a diverse variety of titles in digital and physical format. Eastasiasoft is a licensed PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One publisher. Some of eastasiasoft’s recently licensed and published games are Sword and Fairy: Together Forever, Xuan Yuan Sword 7, Empire of Angels IV, Seven Pirates H, Moero Crystal H, Trigger Witch, Rainbow Skies, Rainbow Moon, and the Söldner-X franchise.

About First Step Cinematics

First Step Cinematics is an indie film and video game company based in Texas. They have brought Twice Reborn to three conventions including AnimeFest, GameFest and ONI-CON 2021 where it was well-received by more than 800 attendees.

For media queries, contact eastasiasoft public relations at press@eastasiasoft.com or via Twitter at @eastasiasoft.

Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel
Press kit
Fact Sheet
PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
22 February 2023
Adventure, Visual Novel
English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese
First Step Cinematics, Ratalaika Games
Digital price:
US$14.99 / €14.99

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