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TOPIC: Farming Spheres of Hate

Farming Spheres of Hate 8 months 3 weeks ago #8954

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As the subject line says, I am in the process of farming Spheres of Hate. As the developers well know, the only source is from Empty Furs. My issue with the Empty Furs is they are so few in number during random encounters (in Stormlord's Den).

Right now, all 6 of my characters are around 450 level with speeds in the area of 2400-2650ish. I would like to max my speed out, at least eventually, as the creatures I will be going up against next (Dark Mages and Vampire Lords) have speeds at just over 6200 and a sky high 13000+. The Spheres of Hate only give 24 (36 with permanent Haste), so I am talking about in the area of 200 spheres for each character. :blink:

Considering I am lucky if I get 5+ Empty Furs (8 max) in a combat, which turns out to be 1-2 Spheres of Hate usually, it's an insane amount of grinding.

What really makes it frustrating is I am finding enemies higher level than the Empty Furs in much larger numbers. Bone Lords at 12-18 and Power Golems of 24 show up often. What I would give to find 24 Empty Furs!

Is there something I am missing? A way to get Spheres of Hate more quickly, or to raise my Speed another way more quickly than what I am doing? I know Banned Pages give out Foolish Eyes, which give +90 Speed. However, I know Banned Pages will be much more difficult (and slow) to kill, nevermind Foolish Eye drops have a very low drop percentage. So it's not like I would be going up more quickly.

For those whom have maxed out your characters speeds, is this the way you went about doing it? Killing Empty Furs for Spheres of Hate? Or did you find another means? To the developers, any suggestions on something I am missing to do this more quickly would be much appreciated.

I do enjoy grinding, but grinding for over a 1000 Spheres of Hate (for all 6 characters) is pretty crazy. Or even if it was 500 if I stayed with one party. Hopefully there is nothing this extreme in Rainbow Skies, even in post-game.
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Farming Spheres of Hate 8 months 3 weeks ago #8955

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Hi Hobbun,

I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with the game progress.

As a common recommendation I wouldn't focus on a simple attribute. Of course speed is very important but a material with a lower speed than "spheres of hate", but an overall higher sum of all attributes (strength + speed + defense + luck) might be the better choice in the long term. That's espcecially the case if you have your speed on cap but can't find matching materials without speed bonus. Then you might loose boni during crafting.

It's by no means necessary to spend thousands of hours to maximise your stats. We've had many uploads with maximized stats from players that "only" played a few hundred hours or less.

But please bear with me, after 5 years of Rainbow Skies development, I'm no longer familiar with all the details of Rainbow Moon and we usually don't post detailled guides for stuff like that.

All in all, if you lose the fun or motivation, I wouldn't continue just for completionist' sake, but of course that's up to you:) In general, if something takes too long or is too tedious, it's definitely unefficient and there are usually better ways to achive your goals. Maybe it's a good idea to check some end game guides? There are many videos available on YouTube and you might get much more specific info there than I can provide at the moment.

Regarding Rainbow Skies, maximizing all the stats is even a bit harder. That's mainly because of player feedback: If you have maximized your speed, there is no more reason for a haste skill or item, because it's just useless when you have reached the cap. This was an issue that have been criticised, so we've changed that a bit. But it's still possible for most of the attributes, when you
have collected your ultimate gear set and have the right crafting strategy.

But keep in mind this is only required for the hardest end game game bosses and only, if you play on the highest battle rank.

I'm sorry if I couldn't give you exactly the info you've asked for, hope it helps though.

All the best,
Kind Regards
Best regards,
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Farming Spheres of Hate 8 months 3 weeks ago #8956

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Thank you for your reply. I want to be clear, I am still having a lot of fun. If I wasn't, I wouldn't continue playing. You know me, I've been one of your biggest fans and staunchest supporters of Rainbow Moon since the beginning, and that's still the case. ;)

I do want to max out my stats, as I am going after DK, and you pretty much have to have a maxed out party to do so. A little history on my playthroughs of the game. My first playthrough was on the PS3, and I took all 6 characters to just over level 700. I platinumed the game, but didn't fully finish it by defeating DK. What had happened is I ran into the same situation I am running into now, where my speed was not up to par for my enemies, and nowhere near what was needed for DK (even if I went to 999). So I will admit, I was a bit frustrated and set it aside.

My second time through is when it was released for the PS4 (digitally). This time I got through the main story and just hit post-game, which is when the game was released physically. Awesome, another plat run! :) So yes, I did start over.

This is the playthrough I am at now. With all the hours I've put into the game, how much I still love it, I still haven't defeated DK and it's something I truly need to do. Something I want to do before RS is released, just for the fact I have a strong feeling when I begin playing RS, I won't want to go back to RM because of all the incredible improvements you have made. Without playing the game I can already see them.

I do understand your suggestion of trying to craft items that give more varied/balanced stats, but believe me, I have really looked at what I need already. The Monster Jewels will satisfy me on those, as they give both Defense and Strength. With Luck, that is easy to cap with the Sniper ability (double the stat). It is Speed that is the hardest to raise, which is why I had asked about that specifically. The Spheres of Hate also give good Strength, as well.

I agree, I have seen those post online having max stats, but they have never said how they did so and how many hours it took them. But that's why I was asking if there as something I could be missing, that I am maybe making it harder on myself on how I am farming for the Spheres and there is a more effective way, or effective place to find them. Anyone that still visits here and has defeated DK, I welcome sharing your experience on how you got there! I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone has defeated DK without maxed stats.

Marcus, I just want to also be clear that I have no issues making it challenging maxing the stats. And it's not something I am obsessed about doing. What I am obsessed in doing, and enjoy doing so, is completing all the optional content, including those post-game extremely difficulty bosses. So unfortunately in those regards I am sure the maxed stats will eventually be a necessity (to defeat those bosses).

This has gone on a lot longer than I wanted to, but I wanted to say one last thing. I think the biggest issue with the later post-game in Rainbow Moon is the content kind of falls off. Meaning, it is right around 650 where you can finish the Jade Statue quests and the last level cap quest (Eternal Master). That is also around the time that Stormlord is doable. I believe I defeated him around 550-600 my first time through. The only other content after that is The Annihilator and the big man himself (DK). And of course finding those last Rainbow Medals. But there is just no other content to take you to 999 and help you max out your stats. Sure, there is another enemy (Banned Pages), but no additional areas to explore or quests to complete. What I think would have been better is to have at least one more level unlock past 600, and the area(s)/dungeon(s) to explore and find the statues.

This last part was not said to be critical, but just a suggestion for the future and hopefully something that was resolved for Rainbow Skies. Hopefully there are quests and content in the post-game to take you all the way to 999.

Thank you for everything Marcus. Not just this post, but all the times you've taken the time to answer my endless questions over the years. And most of all, thank you for a wonderful and terrific game (RM). And I am certain an even better one with Rainbow Skies. :)
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