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TOPIC: Weapon Affinity

Weapon Affinity 7 months 3 weeks ago #8973

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Trying to get to grips with this, not yet unlocked any tutorials on it.

Going by the info in the Status menu, I believe that the affinities for each character affect damage taken only, rather than what they dish out.
+50% = more damage taken
-50% = less

But monsters don't equip weapons (or do their attacks represent a weapon type?) so maybe my theory is incorrect.

You have to look at the same data in the bestiary for individual monsters to see what weapons are effective against them.

There must also be something else affecting damage in addition to this, since monsters for example with no reference to Sword damage in their affinity, appear to take less damage from Damian (wields a sword).
Perhaps there is a gender affinity too?

Example early on:
Eagle Eye and Mushroom enemies both have -50% for Orb weapons.
This should mean the staff wielder girl (orb weapon) either does 50% more or 50% less to them.
But it is infact Damian that does a lot more damage to Eagle Eyes, even though he uses a Sword, and they don't mention Sword in their affinities.

More research required I guess.
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Weapon Affinity 7 months 3 weeks ago #8980

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All monsters does have a weapon too, even if you don't see it. You'll realize this, once you have monster taming unlocked and your first pet in the party.

The affinity viewed in the status menu is related on your main weapon. So, a + affinity means, your doing 50% extra damage when you attack a monster with the target weapon and a - affinity means your damage will be reduced, when you attack a monster with the given weapon type.

There are many more damage bonuses that come into effect when you progress in the game.

Hope that helps
Best regards,
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