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TOPIC: Battle animations to long

Battle animations to long 7 months 3 weeks ago #8974

Is there a way to speed up / skip battle/casting animation I tried pushing all the buttons I could think of. Some of these animations take way to long and after seeing it for the 100th tome it just gets old. It’s completely ruining what is otherwise a great game for me. If this is not in the game I fear I may never finish it just getting to annoying watching the same 5-10 second animations over and over 5-15 times every fight or more.
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Battle animations to long 7 months 3 weeks ago #8976

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On PS4 and I assume PS3, you can hold R2 to skip the animation. This only seems to apply if you're using the same skill multiple times in a row. So, if you have Ashly cast Fireball twice, you can skip the second Fireball, but if you cast Fireball and then cast Bind, you'll have to watch both animations. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong about this.
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Battle animations to long 7 months 3 weeks ago #8977

That’s unfortunate no wonder why it’s not working. It don’t work on enemy animations either unless they spam back to back. They should really consider patching this guess I will set this game aside for now and hope for a patch it’s just to time consuming for me to be forced to watch these repetitive animations over and over. Any other game of this type has built in quick battle options not sure how devs overlooked this...
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Battle animations to long 7 months 3 weeks ago #8978

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It's good to see the forum start to get some activity.

But as for the topic at hand, this was brought up yesterday on Eastasiasoft's Discord channel and their response was:
You can skip any animation from either your own or enemies when it's played more than once in a row.
It's not a trigger. The easiest is to keep R pressed during enemy turns.
You cannot skip it if the enemy changes his skill or if it's another enemy's turn.
But the prompt may still show up.
Once you've reached a certain point in the game you can skip all animations. Overall this is an improvement and a relaxed rule over how skill animation skipping was handled in Rainbow Moon.

So eventually you will be able to skip animations, but not for awhile. They said not long after this it would be "end game". But what's nice is you can skip enemy animations eventually, which you couldn't in Rainbow Moon.

Myself, the animations don't bother me, I actually enjoy watching them. Will I skip them sometimes, sure. But it doesn't detract from the game at all for me in having them.
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Battle animations to long 7 months 3 weeks ago #8979

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Once you've completed the main story and the endgame starts, you can skip all animations without any restrictions.

Up to that point, you can skip all repeated animations like Coyote and Hobbun already explained. For enemy skills, you can skip animations after the second performed skill in a row, so you never have to watch long series of animations.

There are still many games that doesn't allow skill skipping at all. When you can skip all skills, the game becomes faster and more technical and there is a much stronger appeal of a grinding game, which we want at least to reduce for the main game, because real grinding is not required before you approach the end game. So we tried to provide a balanced appearance between skipping and animations.

I'm sorry if you don't like it.
Best regards,
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Battle animations to long 7 months 2 weeks ago #8988

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I'm in the same boat. Please allow Animations Skip before endgame.

I love seeing animations the first few times but please add the options to skip them after seeing them X numbers of times. I always play my game on the hardest difficulty and I LOVE the difficulty in the game so far.

But the space of battle is literally killing the game for me :(

Animations are SO long that it kills the immersion especially when you encounter a battle with 30 mobs doing same animations one after the others......

The game would be a 10/10 for me with battle animations skip. And while you said not all games allow animations skips I can name you a bunch of strategy RPG that have animations skip in fact I can probably name more that have this feature than those that don't.

Sadly without animations skip I might end up giving up, 15+ minutes of animations watching per battle for a battle that could ave lasted 5 minutes is WAY too much and while it doesn't happens all the time some battle monsters cast their skills in succession one after the others and it make the battle last forever and R2 skipping ain't helping :(

I'm a sad panda!
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