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TOPIC: bought the game a few days ago,the game has issues

bought the game a few days ago,the game has issues 7 months 5 days ago #9072

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first of all, let me say that I bought the first game rainbow moon as soon as it was released. same thing did with this release because I thought that it was going to be an improvement over that game. aesthetically ,the game has improved. but the gameplay its not as fast as it should be to the point that there's a slight delay when you are going to move your character to attack a monster. this issue has proven true in all versions that I own (vita,ps3 and ps4)

another issue is takes forever to make money and to even upgrade your character's stats and weapons. also food should not be an issue on this game, why it was implemented is beyond me? and whats up with the fact that I have to buy the skills that my characters needs to advance the game. this does not add to the enjoyment of the game but substract it. also you also have to buy your formations and this is too can be cumbersome. there's more...there's a lot of tutorials for this game. which again, detracts from the gaming experience more than to add to it.

i'm at the battle arena and I want to take a magic skill but the monsters there kill me so easily even despite of having buffed up my defense stats and having a 4000 plus HP.NOT FUN

another issue is that players have low mana and you have to replenish constantly in order to beat stronger monsters. so far the story is very weak but I thought that the gameplay would supplement for that but right now it feels like i'm playing an indie compile heart game than a proper eastasiasoft game and i'm not being generous here with the comparison. (i'm sorry)

you had 4 -5 years in to making something that I loved playing (rainbowmoon) much better but instead you have made it cumbersome to play and hard to enjoy

what keeps me coming back? the music! it is one of the best aspects of this game. because its well placed and its soothing to listen to.

btw, I have no issues with the battle animations since some are even funny. speaking of funny, the game has its funny dialogues too but right now the leveling up system and longgggg and slow battles for this game are not of my liking despite being similar to its previous title.

i'm sorry for the negativity but i'm not just enjoying this game like I should right now. oh and btw, i'm a hardcore disgaea fan so i'm not new to strategy titles nor to long and grindy games but this game needs something to carry IT on and right now it does not have it,

i'm not a hater,just a gamer,



ps: btw, I have already clocked 30 hrs on the game and why the rankings are not even up yet ??
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bought the game a few days ago,the game has issues 7 months 4 days ago #9076

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If you keep playing most of those problems will go away. I am about 30 hours into game and mana, money, buying skills is no longer any issue at all. Actually everything seems to be balanced pretty well.
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bought the game a few days ago,the game has issues 7 months 1 day ago #9097

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Yeah, the food thing is much better in this than it was in Rainbow Moon, with Rainbow Moon you'd be walking around and you're character would be going "Ouch" while needing food, as much as I loved Rainbow Moon and can't really find many fault in it at all, that was the one thing that really did frustrate me, however in Rainbow Skies it's a huge improvement!

I'm not a massive fan of the food thing myself either but it's not really an issue in Rainbow Skies and although it helps of course if you use this, you're not getting annoyed by it all the time in the way that you were in Rainbow Moon.

About the slight delay in moving your characters, which platform are you playing on? I'm on the PS4 (the original one) and my memory is also quite full but the game is running perfectly on it with no issue of this in any way, it's absolutely spot on for me and runs very nicely and very smoothly.

A little tip that I've found that helps with the game is to build up characters speed and strength, the defence is all good and well and of course great if you build it up but if you're not getting enough turns or are strong enough, you're going to eventually lose and start to struggle, of course the game gets harder as you get along (I'm kinda stuck in a little rut myself in the portal room) but it's in no way any place that it's made me upset about the game, I just need a few tips that's all and I've found that with Rainbow Skies, it's not that bad really, sounds a little like you've been concentrating too much on the defence and not the other stats, hence why you may be struggling?

The mana thing, slightly, I do find this runs out a little too fast and that certain skills you feel "again" that you've to top up for but I don't find that it's anything to complain about, just try find a different tactic in regards to using these things more sparely and in the right situations during battle.

About the story, well I tend to skip the dialogues and read the quest book in regards to what to do and what's going on, there is a lot of quests and a lot of side quests too it seems pretty packed with story and things to do.

I think the guys have done a very good job on this game and they have been asking for and taking on feedback well to help improve it but I don't think half of that is much of an issue to be honest, it's just little things and improvements that would help (see the suggestions thread here to improve the game and maybe leave a couple there).

The only thing really is the mana possibly and the food thing, but as I say, the food is no where near as frustrating as it was in Rainbow Moon, which is probably the only little niggle I wasn't keen on but we're not all going to be pleased with everything in the game and where as one person might feel they don't like the food thing, others might feel it's a great part of the game so it's give and take really.

Hope this helped :)
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