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TOPIC: finally here...

finally here... 9 months 3 weeks ago #9301

so after a grueling 126 hours I am finally able to play what I assume is the final battle (3 enemies on field, two have 5 moves and the other has 7). I'm currently level 93 with my three main characters and have been grinding hard on level 9* so I have plenty of money and potions in case I need buffs for this battle. anyone have any tips, pointers or basic information I need to know before I get my butt handed to me again. I've tried and tried and tried. I'm ok with grinding more to level up more and I do not want to lower my difficulty level. I just assumed that I'd be ready to go by this point. what am I doing wrong?
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finally here... 9 months 3 weeks ago #9306

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You should be fine with lvl 93, there's no need to grind even more. In fact you can do this much earlier.

This battle is more up to find the right strategy and can hardly be won with a standard approach. (Except you lower the battle rank to the lowest) There are already many tipps in the tutorials and probably in this and many other forums.

Here are some more hints that will hopefully help:

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I did it on the lowest battle rank but the strategy i used was use as many buffs as you can,food is a must and to start with attack one hand whlle if a second character can afford the time to attack have them attack the centre. Ashley's magic works better on the hands while layne's rock throw at least does virtually nothing. I think damion has the strongest defence to attacks from the hands so put him in a position for him to take those shots so that the others can focus on attacking. The monsters aren't of much help but can be a useful distraction so that the boss uses most of it's turn to attack it. Anyway hopefully you've beaten it by now.The post game is heaps of fun whereas i thought with rainbow moon the story was more fun than post game (those glue ingredients ugh)
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