Product Information

Systems: PS4, PS VR
Release: (Asia) Nov 2, 2018
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Players: 1
Text: English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Poruguese
Developer: JanduSoft


Aim & shoot in this arcade point controller game

Escape your way out of Neonwall by solving puzzles and overcoming a variety of challenging levels. Over the course of the game you will need a combination of skill, concentration and precision to be victorious. In a few of seconds, you should give to your spherical partner the correct color and have enough reflexes to open ways and avoid to hurt himself with a good spark.

With few mechanics to learn, but very difficult to master, Neonwall is a challenge for our coordination and skill. A minimum failure can be deadly. Travel through a neon world, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. This experience requires concentration, skill and precision for the ball to roll as fast as you can.

Neonwall is developed by JanduSoft. Published in Asia by Eastasiasoft Limited.


  • Drag, change color & shoot with your controller
  • Three game modes. Runner, Puzzle & Time trial
  • More than 50 levels in 3D
  • Support for different controller modes
  • VR support



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