Product Information

Release date: Q1/2019
Genre: Soundtrack
Composer: Rafael Dyll
Product code: TBC
Running time:


Colours is a music album with piano compositions of various eastasiasoft published games – composed by Rafael Dyll and performed by Kordian Więcek. The music is based on Rafael's work for video game soundtracks and includes selected pieces from the recently released PlayStation exclusive RPG Rainbow Skies, all-time classic Rainbow Moon, the popular shoot'em up franchise Söldner-X, The Ghost Blade, Last Hope and Ninja Sprint.

Colours is available exclusively to backers of our Kickstarter campaign.


  1. First Movement - Blue: The Siren's Wish (Rainbow Skies)
  2. Second Movement - Red: An Adventure Begins (Rainbow Skies)
  3. Third Movement - Yellow: Theme of Lunah (Rainbow Skies)
  4. Fourth Movement - Green: Promises (Rainbow Skies)
  5. Above the Clouds (Rainbow Skies)
  6. Once Upon a Time (Rainbow Moon)
  7. Moonlight (Rainbow Moon)
  8. Credits (Rainbow Moon)
  9. Freedom (Last Hope*)
  10. Farewell (The Ghost Blade*)

Bonus tracks:

  1. Castle Crasher (Ninja Sprint)
  2. Credits (Söldner-X)
  3. Söldner-X 2 Piano Fantasy (Söldner-X Series)


Product Images:

* The Ghost Blade has been developed by Hucast Games. Various versions of the game have been published by eastasiasoft. Last Hope has been developed by NGDEV. Music used under permission from original license holder.

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