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Release date: September 2012
Genre: Soundtrack
Composer: Rafael Dyll
Product code: EAS-S0004
Running time:
74:44 min

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rainbowmoon-melodies_coverRainbow Moon Melodies

Rainbow Moon Melodies is the ultimate Rainbow Moon soundtrack compilation, featuring all 32 background music tracks from the game, composed, arranged and produced by Rafael Dyll. All tracks from this album have been especially adapted and remastered for this soundtrack release. Relive your experience and listen to Rainbow Moon's title track, world and dungeon exploration, battle tunes as well as additional content.

This product has been professionally manufactured and ships in a cell wrapped clear color tray jewel case with a high quality four pages full color booklet. A perfect item for your audio or video game soundtrack collection.

Rainbow Moon Melodies will also be available as a digital release on PlayStation®Store in the first week of September 2012.



Track list:

  1. Rainbow Moon - Main Title
  2. Once upon a Time (voiceover)
  3. A New World
  4. Wheel of Fortune
  5. Crossing Blades
  6. Mysterious Caverns
  7. No Sound of Reason
  8. Frozen Artifacts
  9. Labyrinth
  10. The Four Seas
  11. Of Hills and Meadows
  12. Encounter
  13. Tales of Conflict
  14. Mondlicht
  15. Engarde
  16. Moonday Struggle
  17. Glorious Heroes
  18. Eternal Sound of Luna
  19. Song of those Forgotten
  20. Lunar Encounter
  21. Conflicting Strategies
  22. Misfortune
  23. Big Band Battles
  24. Melody of Mischief
  25. The Sands below, Legends above
  26. Relic Hunting
  27. Ambush
  28. Strange Contraption Battle
  29. Trisha's Tune
  30. Ruins of Spirits
  31. Line of Defense
  32. Credits

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