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Release date: May 25, 2010
Genre: Soundtrack
Composer: Rafael Dyll
Product code: EAS-S0003
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soldner-x2_ost_thumbSöldner-X 2: Final Soundtrack

For the soundtrack of the sequel to the action hit "Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer", Rafael Dyll has returned to the studio to compose, arrange and produce high energy electronic hymnes, inspired by classic soundtracks from the golden shooter days. The 30 completely new music tracks featured in "Söldner-X 2: The Final Soundtrack" ignite new hooklines, placing symphonic elements amidst wholly new soundscapes and sporadically even returning to the melodies that made the original game's soundtrack so memorable.

Recorded and produced in Germany, mastered at studio in Copenhagen, the new CD features all tracks found in the PlayStation®3 game "Söldner-X: Final Prototype" and features CD TEXT support, displaying track list information on compatible players. This Audio CD can also be played on any other standard compact disc player.

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Track list:

  1. Söldner Rising (Opening)
  2. Final Prototype (Title / Main Menu)
  3. The Challenge
  4. Sector Zeus
  5. Mech Alert (Erster Endgegner)
  6. All Systems Down (Berzerker Eins)
  7. Entering The Complex
  8. Death on Rails (Zweiter Endgegner)
  9. Complex Situation (Berzerker Zwei)
  10. City of the Fallen
  11. An Eye for an Eye (Dritter Endgegner)
  12. Facing Onslaught (Berzerker Drei)
  13. Stage Loading
  14. Woods of Ellje
  15. The Root of the Problem (Vierter Endgegner)
  16. Desperate Measures (Berzerker Vier)
  17. Dive!
  18. Underwater Carnage (Fünfter Endgegner)
  19. Deep Trouble (Berzerker Fünf)
  20. Caves of Iya
  21. Cold as Hell (Sechster Endgegner)
  22. Escape (Berzerker Sechs)
  23. Game Over
  24. Lurking Evil II
  25. Hit Fast, Hit Hard (Siebter Endgegner)
  26. Massive Attack Syndrome II (Berzerker Sieben)
  27. Victory (System Liberated)
  28. Legendary Fighter (High Score)
  29. Heroes Reborn - Back to the Roots Reprise (Credits)
  30. Storytelling (Opening/End Sequence Instrumental Montage)

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