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Release date: Nov 2008
Genre: Soundtrack
Composer: Rafael Dyll
Product code: EAS-S0002
Running time:

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soldner-x_ost_thumbSöldner-X: Himmelsstürmer Original Soundtrack Complete Edition

Composed, arranged and produced by Rafael Dyll, the Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer Original Soundtrack Complete Edition contains all tracks based on the popular shoot'em up video game, including all additional tracks only found in the PlayStation®3 release.

The album features CD TEXT support, displaying track list information on compatible players. This Audio CD can also be played on any other standard compact disc player.

Track list:

  • Opening/Prologue
  • Logo
  • Mercenary-X (Main Theme)
  • Soldier unleashed
  • Running mad (Berzerker I)
  • BIG trouble
  • Industrial Menace
  • Hit and Run (Berzerker II)
  • Bite me! (Dance to the Dragon Mix)
  • Hyper Space Assault
  • Massive Attack Syndrome (Berzerker III)
  • Juggernaut
  • The Eye of the Storm
  • War above the Clouds
  • Lord of the Wind
  • Compulsion to destroy (Boss Victory)
  • New High-Score
  • Game Over
  • Lurking Evil
  • Serenity (game select)
  • The Square Root of Cube
  • The End
  • Back to the Roots (Credits)
  • Cutscene (Instrumental)
  • The Hero (Alternative Hi-Score)
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