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Sexy survival horror series Red Colony Trilogy gets physical for Nintendo Switch

Sexy survival horror series Red Colony Trilogy gets physical for Nintendo Switch

Today we are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing 3-in-1 physical editions of sexy side-scrolling survival horror series Red Colony Trilogy for Nintendo Switch! Since the original Red Colony first arrived on the platform, fans of lewd games and old-school horror have been asking for a physical release to add to their collections, and now we can finally offer the complete experience in one super-slick package!

Originally created by Tokyo-based indie developer RunicCodes and published by Shinyuden, each entry in the Red Colony Trilogy casts you as a strong and sexy female lead fighting for survival against impossible odds. Fanservice comes to life with alluring animations, destructible clothing and loads of innuendo even as tension reaches a fever pitch against zombies and other genetically altered threats.

Red Colony starts when a mad scientist's genetic experiments cause a deadly virus to infect his staff and turns them into blood-thirsty zombies. Maria is a researcher trapped in the turmoil as she desperately races to find her daughter before it's too late. The secrets she uncovers during her escape from the colony will pit her against an even stronger enemy than the wicked virus... Despair.

In Red Colony 2, you play as Nicole, a mother desperate to get her daughter out of the terrifying slum at the bottom of Blue Colony. Your task is not an easy one, the slum has been hit hardest by the outbreak and zombies are not the only thing stalking you from the shadows. Only the strongest will survive! The Red Colony has already been massacred by the deadly zombie horde, but there is still a chance in Sky City! Help Nicole rescue her daughter and face the dark secrets of her past as you sneak, fight and solve puzzles in the second installment of this sexy survival horror series.

Red Colony 3 is the final chapter in a series that takes you across the solar system and has you battle it out against zombies, dinosaurs and now deadly robots! In Red Colony 3, You play as Mina, an android who is returning to her home planet of Titan with precious dinosaur DNA, as desired by her Queen. Help Mina fight zombies, dinosaurs and mutagenic monsters in the classic Red Colony, edge-of-your-seat fashion. Scour your surroundings for clues to unlock tricky puzzles and follow the twisting, unhinged story to its climatic conclusion in Red Colony 3.

Pre-orders for Red Colony Trilogy open with online retail partner Playasia at 11:00pm Hong Kong time (11am ET / 8am PT / 4pm UK) this Thursday, August 18th. Only 2000 Limited Editions will be available and include all 3 games on a single game card, a physical manual, soundtrack CD, fold-out A3 poster and numbered certificate in a collector's box. Standard editions will also be available. Don't miss your chance to add these sexy cult favorites to your physical library!

Red Colony Trilogy
Fact Sheet
February 2023
Action, Horror, Stealth
English, Spanish, Japanese
RunicCodes, Shinyuden

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