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Shoot’em up combo Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection gets physical for Nintendo Switch

Today we are thrilled to announce that Japanese anime-styled shoot’em ups Cosmo Dreamer and Like Dreamer will soon receive a 2-in-1 physical release for Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders for Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection will open with online retail partner Playasia later this week on Thursday, September 14th at 11:00pm Hong Kong time (11:00am ET / 8:00am PT / 4:00pm UK).

Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection includes both complete titles on a single game card. Featuring dreamy pop art and a cast of cute spunky gals presented in HD hand-drawn style, these vertical shoot’em ups balance beginner-friendly mechanics with bullet hell challenge. Players can choose from multiple characters, difficulties and weapon configurations to customize the experience.

In Cosmo Dreamer, a young girl sets off on a journey across the universe driven by pure curiosity. Venture on as you face various hurdles, fierce foes, new friends, and difficult goodbyes. Just what sort of dazzling sights will you set your eyes on in this game? No need to be shy in this shooting game. The game is perfectly balanced so that everyone from absolute beginner to professional sniper can join in the fun.

Then in Like Dreamer, a game centered around a popular danmaku social network, you'll dodge bullet barrages in an array of virtual settings, earning Likes and Followers for your mad gameplay skills. Blast your way through colorful pop-art stages to unlock gallery extras, earn achievements and much more!

Cosmo Dreamer and Like Dreamer are originally developed by Outside and will be published in physical release by Eastasiasoft Limited in partnership with Waku Waku Games. Limited Editions of Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection will include the game, manual, sticker sheets, art book, poster and numbered certificate in a collector’s box. Only 1000 Limited Editions will be produced, set at US$39.99 plus shipping. Standard copies will also be available as an open pre-order at US$29.99 each.


Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection
Press kit
Fact Sheet
December 2023
Action, Shoot'em Up
English, Japanese
Outside, Waku Waku Games

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